High Times in Bean Town

The Final Countdown
Session 6

The players return to a site Devon had discovered previously on a scouting mission. It’s a ritual site prepared on top of a relatively tall apartment building. Johnny Yee has captured the elder leaders of the Seven Stars Triad. He is planning to kill them using Emily as a sacrifice and take control of the gang and increasing his power all in a single stroke. The players arrive and hork up the ritual. Johnny calls up an Xing Tian demon in addition to several armed thugs who were helping with the ritual. In the ensuing combat the players are nearly killed and the building catches fire. They win the fight, banish the demon, and manage to kill Johnny Yee but are too weakened to escape the burning building. Just as things are about to go totally south Malcolm arrives. Frank had gotten a message to him before being attacked on the train. He was out of town and had to hurry back to deal with the Sorcerer threat. The leaders of the Triad also escape more or less unharmed. After the players recover, they discover a car that’s been given to them by the Triad leaders as a thank you with a note of thanks and a promise of a boon owed. Emily survived and left town after thanking the players. Detective McKinnell also drops the boys a line that he’d like to use them as unofficial consultants for weirdness as needed.

Our Princess Is In Another Apartment
Session 5

After the train fight, Khen gets a call from Emily. She says there are Triad watching her place. She’s afraid they will hurt her. The group speeds to her aid racing up the stairs of her brownstone. Devon flies into a broken window. The group triggers a trap set for them by Johnny Yee with Emily’s help. They’re clubbed unconscious. They wake in a what is obviously some kind of basement butcher shop. They are naked, tied a table and feeling uncomfortably close to that scene from Pulp Fiction. They soon realize it’s worse. They’re in the clutches of a local ghoul named Hannibal. Frank manages to get them free. Khen tries to open a door to the Nevernever. Fortunately they’re able to shove Hannibal through said door. Unfortunately two Hobs come through plunging the place into darkness. The players manage to escape the Hobs and head on their way (wearing daisy dukes, a raincoat, and a flowery muumuu) to a final showdown with Johnny Yee.

The Importance of Being Thoreau
Session 4

The players decide to do some more poking around and gather a few more clues about the Seven Stars. They find similar ritual markings at the party house, EZ-B’s warehouse, and the scene of his murder. As they’re crossing town on one of the above-ground trains, the Seven Stars attack. The gangsters fire indescriminantly into the crowded train. The gangers also take out the train conductor and speed the train up to try to ram it off the rails or into another train. The fight roams up to the top of the of the speeding train including a motorcycles in pursuit. The characters win out and split the scene in the mass confusion.

The Lonesome Death of Robert Fischer
Session 3

Detective Wyatt McKinnell asks the group to come downtown to answer some questions about the death of Robert Fischer, “EZ-B”, the stoner whose warehouse they had exorcised the night before. He’s dead. He was found murdered in his warehouse after the players left. They confess to having been there, lie about the ghost, and corroborate the police’s findings of a strange ritual looking mark on the premises. McKinnell doesn’t like them as stone cold killers and doesn’t charge or hold them. On their way home on the subway, they’re confronted by some members of the Seven Stars Triad. The leader, Johnny Yee, politely warns them to keep their noses out of the Seven Stars business.

Session 2
You Gotta Fight for Your Right..

The group talks to their friend Emily. She was at the party and looks a little shaken. They invite her back to her place. Khen snoops around and lifts a cell phone from the scene. Back at their apt., Emily describes the party as getting crazy and completely out of control after these Japanese biker gangers showed up. They’re fairly identified as part of the Seven Stars Triad. They look at photos on the stolen cell phone. They document a party that goes from standard fraternity party to debauched bacchanal within a couple of hours. Emily spends the night on their couch and is gone in the morning. They are awoken by a knock at the door. It’s a detective.

That a ghost?
Session 1

Devon, Frank, and Khen confront a ghost as a favor to a local stoner and lightweight dealer. They discover some strange ritual marks at the site. On the way home, they encounter a large fraternity party that’s been broken up by the cops. There are ambulances and a friend of theirs is outside she’s crying.


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