• Devon


    Were-raven, thief, transient. He bunks with Khen and Frank, it's unclear if he pays rent.
  • Elijah Webster

    Elijah Webster

    Wizard-in-training who's fallen on hard times.
  • Franklin Archimedes Solomon Deker

    Franklin Archimedes Solomon Deker

    Warden-in-training. He is apprenticed to Malcolm Waits, Captain-Commander of New England.
  • Khenemet Nefer

    Khenemet Nefer

    Heir to an ancient order of priests of Bast. Shapeshifter, cat-like powers.
  • Molly Kowalkowski

    Molly Kowalkowski

    A clued-in vanilla mortal. Recent transplant to Boston.
  • Orson Forrest

    Orson Forrest

    Care Bear with an Attitude