High Times in Bean Town

The Wreck of the Maria Elaina

Session 15

The group continues toward the docks determined to keep the cultists from leaving the country with the Book of Gates. The arrive at Boston Harbor where the Motor Tanker Maria Elaina is just casting of. They dive across the widening gap between the ship and the dock. Devon goes to confront the captain of the ship, a gruff old sailor who is none too impressed at having a sub-machine gun pointed at him. Devon gets the captain to cut the engines and let the great ship sit. There’s only a nominal guard, a nervous looking young man in a heavy coat. He gets a signal from his radio and begins making his way to the cabin. Khen ambushes him and takes him down silently. Several minutes later another guard arrives top side, apparently seeking the first. Khen pulls another silent take-down. The group moves into the lower hold and witnesses Ava (in her bestial form) summoning a pair of Amut, creatures of Egyptian myth that blend the most dangerous parts of a lion, crocodile and hippopotamus. The group tries to disrupt her spell and fail. They fall back to the upper deck to avoid to a fight in a confined space. The cultists follow them topside by tearing through the rolling metal door in the floor of the deck that leads to the hold. A major fight ensues which ends with Farouk (also in his bestial form) casting his death curse and detonating against the side of the ship, melting the side of the ship to slag which begins taking on water, the blast also takes out one of the Amut. Ava tries to escape into the Nevernever but her spell is countered by Elijah. The group finishes dispatching Ava, collects the Book of Gates, and makes their way to a lifeboat after collecting the captain. The Maria Elaina sinks silently into the harbor.



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