High Times in Bean Town

The Roof is on Fire

Session 12

The group arrives back at the Harvard Museum of History and make their way to Arimtage’s office. They find Khen’s father, badly beaten but alive. He tells them there was another theft, this time an ancient knife from the Aztec empire. On their way out of the museum they are attacked by a pair of monster, it’s a half-snake humanoid, slightly feminine in appearance. In the course of the fight, the warehouse they are in catches fire. The monster seems to have them cornered when Huwaida enters the fray and fights off the cobra thing. They are able to escape the burning building and get Khen’s father to the hospital. After he is settled, Huwaida makes a pledge to Khen that no one will harass him further. Frank casts a tracker spell to try to locate the newest missing item. The spell leads them to Bunker Hill Burying Ground. Once there, they witness an exchange between Margaret Jones, the local Red Court noble and a pair of dark robed figures. They’re only able to catch snatches of the conversation but the stolen knife is passed to the robed figures and they receive a small box in exchange. After the exchange the taller of the robed figures opens a door into the Nevernever and they pass through, leaving the vampires alone. The group wisely decide not to intervene and leave the scene before they are spotted.



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