High Times in Bean Town

Lady in Red

Session 9

The players arrive at Malcolm’s place just a few hours before dawn. He invites them in and they give him a rundown of all that has happened since going to the museum. Malcolm is angry that were attacked but scolds Frank for letting the Reds dupe him. Malcolm informs them that Khen and Devon, since they are not member signatories to the Unseelie Accords, were right to defend themselves and should be wary moving forward as they are not protected by the Accords either. Frank, however, as an apprentice member of the White Council is also not an official signatory member but the responsibility of his actions are subject to the Accords. Malcolm, as his teacher, is responsible for those actions. Malcolm offers to let the young men stay the rest of the night at his place but they decline. He instead insists on getting them a cab back to their place pays for it himself. Only a few hours later, they are woken by a woman at their door. She is Huwaida Abboud, an investigator with Interpol. She tells them she learned of Khen through Dr. Armitage who is helping her with her investigation. She says she is tracking a cult/ring of thieves, Wuh Akilat Anu Foos ‘The Eaters of Souls’. They are responsible for stealing several major Egyptian antiquities in Lower Egypt and that they have been traced here. Supposedly the police have found their center of operations and captured a few of their members but she has been barred from interviewing them. She asks some questions about the group and Khen’s association to Armitage. There’s definitely something off about this woman, and her story seems as though it doesn’t hold any water. Nonetheless, after she leaves the group decides to investigate this cult and it’s newly discovered clubhouse.



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