High Times in Bean Town

I've Got This Friend...

Session 11

At McKinnell’s office, he informs them that there was a murder and a theft last night at the Harvard Museum of History. The players feign ignorance. McKinnell has a security feed from the scene. It is a feed of the very spot where Cortez was murdered, but instead of showing the murder in grizzly detail, it shows nothing. The players notice there’s a fluttering shadow in one corner of the shot that jumps every 90 seconds or so. It’s a loop. McKinnell has already seen this but wanted to see if they would spot it and have any insights into it. The feed is digital, not a physical tape. He already has the BPD IT guys looking into it to see when it was tampered with. So far they have turned up nothing. He asks if it could be magic or something else supernatural. Frank doesn’t have a good answer as magic and tech generally don’t play nice. This, in itself, is information McKinnell didn’t have. He thanks them for coming by. On their way out they see a young man of middle-Eastern extraction being released from the holding area. His hand is bandaged up and they recognize him from one of the photos Huwaida showed them of the Eaters of Souls cult. They follow him onto the train and decide to ask him a few questions. He tries to get away from them but is fairly easily cowed. They threaten to turn him over to Malcolm on suspicion of taking part in a ritual that breaks one of the Laws of Magic. He quails and agrees to answer their questions. His name is Jason, he’s an American but was recruited by the Eaters a year ago. They smuggled a pair of mummies to the US from Lower Egypt. Then they performed a resurrection rite of sorts on them. It has been Jason’s blood at the ritual scene. He says the mummies were the remains of a High Preist and Preistess of the cult of Sek and Mot, two Lieutenants of the evil god Apep. The Book of Gates contains a ritual to summon Apep into the mortal world. At this point, there’s a loud noise outside. Khen and Frank go to investigate. They find the mountain lion from the night before, it bolts and they give chase. They corner it and it shifts into Huwaida. She tells them that they should kill the boy, Jason. He has defiled the world and himself by performing the resurrection and should be killed. Devon actually agrees. Before they can decide exactly what to do with Jason Khen receives another call. This one is from Dr. Armitage’s office again, but it’s his father on the phone. He sounds hurt.



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