High Times in Bean Town

Home is Where You Hide the Bodies

Session 14

After successfully nabbing the Book of Gates from a pair of three-thousand year old resurrected mummies, the players go back to their apartment and settle in for a nice sleep. Before the group can get curled up and shut out the lights a delivery guy with “Peach Vodka” from Al’s Delivery Liquor Service shows up at the door. Booze they didn’t order. In the middle of the night. Less than an hour after tussling with ancient evil. In a shocking twist the delivery guy turns out to be a cultist/hitman and shoots up the place. Several other gunmen unload into the front door.

Things go quiet for a moment. Elijah, still delirious from his altercation earlier in the night begins to hallucinate a large cat-like monster in Khen’s vague area. He lashes out and a bit of a stand-off ensues. Elijah shakes off the hallucination, whose cause is still unknown.

Next, Farouk (the High Priest with the Crocodillian aspect) turns up on their doorstep with a young woman from upstairs. It’s one of Khen’s neighbors. He has a knife to her throat. He wants the book in exchange for her. Khen and Devon argue over whether the girl is worth the book. Khen eventually wins out. Farouk escapes to a waiting van and speeds off toward the docks. In the ensuing chaos, Devon executes 3 of the gunmen, whose corpses now lie on the apartment doorstep. Then he follows the van to the docks. The cultists board a ship, a tanker prepped for departure. He flies back to relay the news.

The group spends some time trying to work out how to deal with this most recent issue of three bodies on their stoop. As the police arrive, Devon fires some shots at the cops as they exit their cruiser. Because, if we’ve learned nothing, it’s that’s shooting at cops is the surest way to calm a situation down. Devon’s antics do buy the group a little more time to dispose of the bodies (which are in their alley-access walk-down entrance and not totally obvious from the street). Elijah gets a nutty idea and the group covertly stash the bodies in the back of the police cruiser. From back inside the apartment, Elijah performs a spell to veil the bodies for several hours. He successfully completes the spell, with Molly’s help of donated blood. The blood and the bodies vanish from sight temporarily, giving the group time enough to sneak away down the alley and toward the docks to follow the van.



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