High Times in Bean Town

Dock of the Bay

Session 10

The players find an area underneath the docks near Old Harbor that’s been taped off by the police. Inside they find a crude living area and ritual magic space. At first glance it looks as though they sacrificed a human on the alter in the middle of the space. It is covered in tattered dirty cloth and blood. Upon further inspection it looks as though the blood flowed up the alter into whatever lay on the bier. It was definitely a blood sacrifice but it seems to have been nonlethal and one made by willing member of cult. Suddenly, the entire group becomes aware that there is loud and raucous music coming from one of the doors in the back of the place. When they check the door, they see a long hallway that leads to another large iron-strapped oak door. The door isn’t locked as they open it, a wash of loud Irish music and drunken revelry swells to meet them. They enter the realm of Ol’ Mad Sweeney, a Sidhe Lord of the Summer Court. He makes an offer of hospitality to the group and they cautiously accept. Several drinks later, they are all rosy cheeked and red-nosed and Khen has disappeared off with a lovely young redhead. A while later after Khen returns looking slightly rumpled and the group retires from the pleasant distraction of Sweeney’s court. They emerge hours what appears to be about 12 hours later even though they spent only 2 or 3 hours with Sweeney. Shortly after emerging from Undercity Khen recieves a call on his cell phone. It’s from Detective McKinnell. He has something he’d like Frank and Khen’s opinion on.



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