High Times in Bean Town

A Body of Evidence

Session 7

Months after the Seven Stars incident is old news Khen gets a call late in the middle of the night. It’s a friend of his father’s, Dr. Harlan Armitage. He wants to get Khen’s opinion on the murder of a colleague, Dr. Adolfo Cortez (a direct ancestor of Hernando). His specialty was Egyptology. He was visiting lecturer at Harvard, traveling with an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. One of these artifacts, The Book of Gates, has been stolen. It is ancient book of Egyptian magic and summoning. This is why Dr. Armitage called Khen. Cortez’s body has been apparently mauled by very large wild animals… in the middle of the museum after hours. The cops have already cased the scene and are just waiting for cleanup. The players do a little sleuthing and have a strange encounter with… a mountain lion?



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