High Times in Bean Town

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The Wreck of the Maria Elaina
Session 15

The group continues toward the docks determined to keep the cultists from leaving the country with the Book of Gates. The arrive at Boston Harbor where the Motor Tanker Maria Elaina is just casting of. They dive across the widening gap between the ship and the dock. Devon goes to confront the captain of the ship, a gruff old sailor who is none too impressed at having a sub-machine gun pointed at him. Devon gets the captain to cut the engines and let the great ship sit. There’s only a nominal guard, a nervous looking young man in a heavy coat. He gets a signal from his radio and begins making his way to the cabin. Khen ambushes him and takes him down silently. Several minutes later another guard arrives top side, apparently seeking the first. Khen pulls another silent take-down. The group moves into the lower hold and witnesses Ava (in her bestial form) summoning a pair of Amut, creatures of Egyptian myth that blend the most dangerous parts of a lion, crocodile and hippopotamus. The group tries to disrupt her spell and fail. They fall back to the upper deck to avoid to a fight in a confined space. The cultists follow them topside by tearing through the rolling metal door in the floor of the deck that leads to the hold. A major fight ensues which ends with Farouk (also in his bestial form) casting his death curse and detonating against the side of the ship, melting the side of the ship to slag which begins taking on water, the blast also takes out one of the Amut. Ava tries to escape into the Nevernever but her spell is countered by Elijah. The group finishes dispatching Ava, collects the Book of Gates, and makes their way to a lifeboat after collecting the captain. The Maria Elaina sinks silently into the harbor.

Home is Where You Hide the Bodies
Session 14

After successfully nabbing the Book of Gates from a pair of three-thousand year old resurrected mummies, the players go back to their apartment and settle in for a nice sleep. Before the group can get curled up and shut out the lights a delivery guy with “Peach Vodka” from Al’s Delivery Liquor Service shows up at the door. Booze they didn’t order. In the middle of the night. Less than an hour after tussling with ancient evil. In a shocking twist the delivery guy turns out to be a cultist/hitman and shoots up the place. Several other gunmen unload into the front door.

Things go quiet for a moment. Elijah, still delirious from his altercation earlier in the night begins to hallucinate a large cat-like monster in Khen’s vague area. He lashes out and a bit of a stand-off ensues. Elijah shakes off the hallucination, whose cause is still unknown.

Next, Farouk (the High Priest with the Crocodillian aspect) turns up on their doorstep with a young woman from upstairs. It’s one of Khen’s neighbors. He has a knife to her throat. He wants the book in exchange for her. Khen and Devon argue over whether the girl is worth the book. Khen eventually wins out. Farouk escapes to a waiting van and speeds off toward the docks. In the ensuing chaos, Devon executes 3 of the gunmen, whose corpses now lie on the apartment doorstep. Then he follows the van to the docks. The cultists board a ship, a tanker prepped for departure. He flies back to relay the news.

The group spends some time trying to work out how to deal with this most recent issue of three bodies on their stoop. As the police arrive, Devon fires some shots at the cops as they exit their cruiser. Because, if we’ve learned nothing, it’s that’s shooting at cops is the surest way to calm a situation down. Devon’s antics do buy the group a little more time to dispose of the bodies (which are in their alley-access walk-down entrance and not totally obvious from the street). Elijah gets a nutty idea and the group covertly stash the bodies in the back of the police cruiser. From back inside the apartment, Elijah performs a spell to veil the bodies for several hours. He successfully completes the spell, with Molly’s help of donated blood. The blood and the bodies vanish from sight temporarily, giving the group time enough to sneak away down the alley and toward the docks to follow the van.

Where house... were-house? Oh! Warehouse!!
Session 13

[Back after a year long hiatus with a couple new players and a resolve not to let this story die in the water.]

The group gets a tip from a previous captive about where the cult can be found and where they keep the book. They scout the warehouse in question quite thoroughly, sneak in masterfully, then squander all that nice progress by confronting the High Priests (in disguise) openly. A fight ensues that results in the Book of Gates being recovered. The group makes a strategic withdrawal and heads for their apartment… because there’s no chance the bad guys will look there.

(If I seem a little derogatory toward my party, it’s because I am.)

The Roof is on Fire
Session 12

The group arrives back at the Harvard Museum of History and make their way to Arimtage’s office. They find Khen’s father, badly beaten but alive. He tells them there was another theft, this time an ancient knife from the Aztec empire. On their way out of the museum they are attacked by a pair of monster, it’s a half-snake humanoid, slightly feminine in appearance. In the course of the fight, the warehouse they are in catches fire. The monster seems to have them cornered when Huwaida enters the fray and fights off the cobra thing. They are able to escape the burning building and get Khen’s father to the hospital. After he is settled, Huwaida makes a pledge to Khen that no one will harass him further. Frank casts a tracker spell to try to locate the newest missing item. The spell leads them to Bunker Hill Burying Ground. Once there, they witness an exchange between Margaret Jones, the local Red Court noble and a pair of dark robed figures. They’re only able to catch snatches of the conversation but the stolen knife is passed to the robed figures and they receive a small box in exchange. After the exchange the taller of the robed figures opens a door into the Nevernever and they pass through, leaving the vampires alone. The group wisely decide not to intervene and leave the scene before they are spotted.

I've Got This Friend...
Session 11

At McKinnell’s office, he informs them that there was a murder and a theft last night at the Harvard Museum of History. The players feign ignorance. McKinnell has a security feed from the scene. It is a feed of the very spot where Cortez was murdered, but instead of showing the murder in grizzly detail, it shows nothing. The players notice there’s a fluttering shadow in one corner of the shot that jumps every 90 seconds or so. It’s a loop. McKinnell has already seen this but wanted to see if they would spot it and have any insights into it. The feed is digital, not a physical tape. He already has the BPD IT guys looking into it to see when it was tampered with. So far they have turned up nothing. He asks if it could be magic or something else supernatural. Frank doesn’t have a good answer as magic and tech generally don’t play nice. This, in itself, is information McKinnell didn’t have. He thanks them for coming by. On their way out they see a young man of middle-Eastern extraction being released from the holding area. His hand is bandaged up and they recognize him from one of the photos Huwaida showed them of the Eaters of Souls cult. They follow him onto the train and decide to ask him a few questions. He tries to get away from them but is fairly easily cowed. They threaten to turn him over to Malcolm on suspicion of taking part in a ritual that breaks one of the Laws of Magic. He quails and agrees to answer their questions. His name is Jason, he’s an American but was recruited by the Eaters a year ago. They smuggled a pair of mummies to the US from Lower Egypt. Then they performed a resurrection rite of sorts on them. It has been Jason’s blood at the ritual scene. He says the mummies were the remains of a High Preist and Preistess of the cult of Sek and Mot, two Lieutenants of the evil god Apep. The Book of Gates contains a ritual to summon Apep into the mortal world. At this point, there’s a loud noise outside. Khen and Frank go to investigate. They find the mountain lion from the night before, it bolts and they give chase. They corner it and it shifts into Huwaida. She tells them that they should kill the boy, Jason. He has defiled the world and himself by performing the resurrection and should be killed. Devon actually agrees. Before they can decide exactly what to do with Jason Khen receives another call. This one is from Dr. Armitage’s office again, but it’s his father on the phone. He sounds hurt.

Dock of the Bay
Session 10

The players find an area underneath the docks near Old Harbor that’s been taped off by the police. Inside they find a crude living area and ritual magic space. At first glance it looks as though they sacrificed a human on the alter in the middle of the space. It is covered in tattered dirty cloth and blood. Upon further inspection it looks as though the blood flowed up the alter into whatever lay on the bier. It was definitely a blood sacrifice but it seems to have been nonlethal and one made by willing member of cult. Suddenly, the entire group becomes aware that there is loud and raucous music coming from one of the doors in the back of the place. When they check the door, they see a long hallway that leads to another large iron-strapped oak door. The door isn’t locked as they open it, a wash of loud Irish music and drunken revelry swells to meet them. They enter the realm of Ol’ Mad Sweeney, a Sidhe Lord of the Summer Court. He makes an offer of hospitality to the group and they cautiously accept. Several drinks later, they are all rosy cheeked and red-nosed and Khen has disappeared off with a lovely young redhead. A while later after Khen returns looking slightly rumpled and the group retires from the pleasant distraction of Sweeney’s court. They emerge hours what appears to be about 12 hours later even though they spent only 2 or 3 hours with Sweeney. Shortly after emerging from Undercity Khen recieves a call on his cell phone. It’s from Detective McKinnell. He has something he’d like Frank and Khen’s opinion on.

Lady in Red
Session 9

The players arrive at Malcolm’s place just a few hours before dawn. He invites them in and they give him a rundown of all that has happened since going to the museum. Malcolm is angry that were attacked but scolds Frank for letting the Reds dupe him. Malcolm informs them that Khen and Devon, since they are not member signatories to the Unseelie Accords, were right to defend themselves and should be wary moving forward as they are not protected by the Accords either. Frank, however, as an apprentice member of the White Council is also not an official signatory member but the responsibility of his actions are subject to the Accords. Malcolm, as his teacher, is responsible for those actions. Malcolm offers to let the young men stay the rest of the night at his place but they decline. He instead insists on getting them a cab back to their place pays for it himself. Only a few hours later, they are woken by a woman at their door. She is Huwaida Abboud, an investigator with Interpol. She tells them she learned of Khen through Dr. Armitage who is helping her with her investigation. She says she is tracking a cult/ring of thieves, Wuh Akilat Anu Foos ‘The Eaters of Souls’. They are responsible for stealing several major Egyptian antiquities in Lower Egypt and that they have been traced here. Supposedly the police have found their center of operations and captured a few of their members but she has been barred from interviewing them. She asks some questions about the group and Khen’s association to Armitage. There’s definitely something off about this woman, and her story seems as though it doesn’t hold any water. Nonetheless, after she leaves the group decides to investigate this cult and it’s newly discovered clubhouse.

A Hot Lead
Session 8

The mountain lion doesn’t attack, in fact it doesn’t seem concerned with the players at all. It slips away from the players and they lose it. On their way back to their place, the trio is attacked by several Red Court hitters. They crash their new car (a gift from the Triad) narrowly avoiding driving into the Charles river. A fight ensues and not only do the fight off the attack, they utterly destroy all of the Red Court attackers. Caught out in the middle of the night with no ride, they make their way to Malcolm’s house just on the other side of the Harvard campus.

A Body of Evidence
Session 7

Months after the Seven Stars incident is old news Khen gets a call late in the middle of the night. It’s a friend of his father’s, Dr. Harlan Armitage. He wants to get Khen’s opinion on the murder of a colleague, Dr. Adolfo Cortez (a direct ancestor of Hernando). His specialty was Egyptology. He was visiting lecturer at Harvard, traveling with an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. One of these artifacts, The Book of Gates, has been stolen. It is ancient book of Egyptian magic and summoning. This is why Dr. Armitage called Khen. Cortez’s body has been apparently mauled by very large wild animals… in the middle of the museum after hours. The cops have already cased the scene and are just waiting for cleanup. The players do a little sleuthing and have a strange encounter with… a mountain lion?


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